Waiting To Exhale!

Whew! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to have a place where I can speak freely again. Most of my family knows about my other blog, so I can't really say everything that I always want to say there. Not without starting a war anyway.

If you've been invited to this blog, consider yourself someone I feel like I can trust. All I ask is that you don't "share" the link with anyone. I need this space. I need this room to breath. I'm sure you can all understand that!

So you may be asking yourself about the whole "But wait, there's more!" title. There always seems to be so much more that I wish I could say in my other blog, so I could end all of my entries on there with "But wait, there's more! Also, I was up late and couldn't sleep. After seeing too many infomercials, with the tag line "But wait, there's more!" it hit me. There's so much more I'd love to write in my everyday blog but can't. So there you have it!

Anyhow, welcome y'all. Be sure to click the lil follow button so you can keep up with me!